You probably know that no matter how curious you might get, there are places on this planet that we will never be allowed to step foot in. One such place is a mysterious island in the middle of NYC, but nothing can compare with this unique island located in Iceland.

Surtsey was formed in 1963 after a huge volcanic eruption that, and it is now used for scientific research and observations. The scientists focus on understanding how an ecosystem forms from scratch, without human impact. Only a couple of scientists are allowed to set foot on the island, making it one of the forbidden places on earth.

One of the stories that surround this island resolves around something bizarre – a tomato.

The territory is carefully surveilled, and only a small house that fits a couple of scientists is allowed to exist on the island. Each one of them has to be searched thoroughly before entering the island because the most important rule is not to bring ANY seeds with you. However, someone did not pay enough attention to this rule at some point, and pooped on some lava. The scientists were absolutely mystified after a tomato plant sprouted up on the island. They destroyed the plant immediately after they realized its origin, as it would disturb their scientific research.

Check out how this island looks like below!

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